Like for most scientific experiments, you will need a few things to get started
Checklist for ATO 2018

[caption id="attachment_2374" align="alignright" width="601"] ATO 2018 is a wonderful technology event around Open Source in Raleigh, NC, where more than… Read More

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 gets a Spark

[caption id="attachment_2308" align="alignright" width="600"] Spark is everywhere, let's celebrate![/caption] Yesterday, during Ignite 2018, Microsoft announced that they will integrate Apache… Read More

Chapter four of Spark with Java is now available on Manning's web site
Lazy is good: understand why it’s good for you that Spark is lazy

This new chapter, chapter 4, of Spark with Java ( is not only about celebrating laziness, it also teaches, through… Read More