I love going to conferences, not only to learn, but also to share knowledge. Here is a non-exhaustive list of conferences I went to as a speaker and the list of lectures.

10/2017 NCDevCon (Raleigh, NC, USA).
10/2017 All Things Open (Raleigh, NC, USA).
6/2017 Spark Summit 2017 (San Francisco, CA, USA): “The key to Machine Learning is prepping the right data.” You can also read the related article.
3/2016 Grey Culbreth Middle School (Chapel Hill, NC, USA): “HTML: Or how the web got started…
7/2015 ISC 2015 (Frankfurt, Germany): “When High-Performance Storage meets High-Performance Computing.”
6/2015 Clusir Est (Strasbourg, France): “Understanding IoT.”
4/2015 IIUG 2015 (San Diego, California, USA): “Programming with Java & Informix: using JDBC.”
4/2015 IIUG 2015 (San Diego, California, USA): “Best practices in Informix application development,” a panel discussion where I was the moderator, my panel included Tom Beebe, Gary Ben-Israel, Art Kagel, Shawn Moe, and Yunming Wang.
11/2014 Informix conference (Montpellier, France – video conference from North Carolina): “Why do businesses need NoSQL?” (Pourquoi les entreprises ont besoin de NoSQL ?) – this conference was actually canceled on the organization side.
5/2014 Adria IUG 2014 (Zagreb, Croatia): “Understanding why you need NoSQL.”
4/2014 IIUG 2014 (Miami, Florida, USA): “JSON in your engine – what does that mean?
11/2013 La Presse au Futur – Press’future (Paris, France): “Vision of publishing in 2013: focus on needs.”
7/2013 AmCham monthly meeting (Strasbourg, France): “Entrepreneurship in the USA: a French perspective.”
6/2013 Bureau Mobile (Strasbourg, France): “Marketing + Technology = Magic.”
6/2012 Rhenatic ThemaTechnique (Strasbourg, France): “Strategic vision of Open Data in the enterprise.”
5/2012 Organization of “Developer Forum & Informix TechDay 2012,” at the University of Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France), with IBM and IIUG.
5/2012 DeveloperForum (Strasbourg, France): “Thoughts for standardizing PaaS.”
5/2012 Adria IUG Conference (Zagreb, Croatia): “Informix is not for Legacy Applications,” this is an updated version from 4/2010.
1/2012 Sandlach Business Club (Haguenau, France): “What is moving on the web?
1/2012 Ad’mission (Strasbourg, France): “Intelligence or how to stay competitive with the web.”
12/2011 Chamber of Commerce (Strasbourg, France): “Increase and measure your performance on the Internet.”
12/2011 M Systems International, Inc. (Durham, NC, USA): “Schools facing the 21st Century.”
11/2011 DCF (Sales Manager of France) (Colmar, France): “Sell more on the web.”
6/2011 Reseau Entreprendre (Strasbourg, France): “Build your web strategy without getting screwed.”
5/2011 Chamber of Commerce (Mulhouse, France): “The new trends of the web.”
5/2011 In conjunction with Activis (Strasbourg, France): “Boost your website.”
4/2011 Rotary Haguenau (Haguenau, France): “The web in 2011, where are we?
4/2011 International Space University (Strasbourg, France): “The new trends of the web.”
4/2011 IBM / UGIF (Paris, France): “Informix is not only for Point of Sales.”
4/2011 Nord IT Days (Lille, France): “Content is growth. We can prove it.”
10/2010 Alsace IT Days (Strasbourg, France): “What is moving on the web?
10/2010 TEDxAlsace (Mulhouse, France): “The Humans and the Machines.
5/2010 CogiFactory (Mulhouse, France): “10 new things I learned at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.”
4/2010 IIUG Conference 2010 (Kansas City, KS, USA): “Informix is not for Legacy Applications.”
3/2010 SF New Tech (San Francisco, CA, USA): “Don’t give up your brand.”
3/2010 Ignite (Casablanca, Morocco).
2/2010 Organization and presenter of Ignite Strasbourg #2 (Strasbourg, France).
12/2009 J3D (Strasbourg, France): “Telecommuting: an efficient, durable and economic way to work.”
10/2009 Organization of “DeveloperForum5”, fifth edition of a software engineering conference, jointly with the University of Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France).
9/2009 Organization and presenter of Ignite Strasbourg #1 (Strasbourg, France): “How I fell into IT.”
6/2009 Last Thursday (Strasbourg, France): “Java: it’s not ugly, it’s not slow and it compiles.”
4/2009 IIUG Conference 2009 (Overland Park, KS, USA): “Web 2.0 – Understand it. Develop for it.”
3/2009 Technopole (Mulhouse, France): “What can you do with social networks.” Coverage by Le Periscope.
12/2008 Rhenatic (Mulhouse, France): “Future of Workgroup Tools.”
9/2008 Organization of “DeveloperForum4,” fourth edition of a software engineering conference, jointly with the University of Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France).
4/2008 2008 IIUG Conference (Overland Park, KS, USA): “IDS Does Hibernate in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall,” a tutorial on ORM technologies and “Applied SOA” a pragmatic introduction to Software Oriented Architecture.
2/2008 2008 IBM Premium Support Conference (Paris, France): “Pragmatic SOA,” a pragmatic introduction to Software Oriented Architecture with example using IBM DataStudio and IDS.
8/2007 Publication of “IDS Purifies XML,” an article explaining in details how to use the new XML features built in IDS Cheetah in IBM DB2 Magazine (CMP, Q3 20007) and DB2mag.com.
6/2007 Organization of “European Developer Forum,” a conference and gathering of developers around software engineering. Brainstorming around management of source code (Illkirch Graffenstaden, France). It replaces the Java days and became the DeveloperForum.
5/2007 Several lectures and educational seminar on Java: “Introduction to Java Development with IDS,” “IDS purifies XML,” and “Introduction to EJB3 development with IDS and Viper,” at IDUG 2007 – North America Conference (San Jose, CA, USA).
12/2006 Lecture on “Introduction to Java development with IDS,” at Forum 2006 (Annandale, VA, USA).
10/2006 Lecture on “Informix 4GL to EGL, Hype or Reality?”, “Introduction to Java development with IDS,” and “Introduction to PHP development with IDS,” at the IDUG 2006 – Europe Conference (Vienna, Austria).
9/2006 Lecture on “Converting Excel to XML using POI and Xerces,” at the Strasbourg Java Users Group meeting. Organization of the second “Club Java” meeting.
5/2006 Lecture on “Introduction to Java development with IDS,” at the IDUG 2006 – North America Conference (Tampa, FL, USA).
6/2005 Organization of the first “Club Java” meeting in Strasbourg, France.
9/2004 Lecture on “J2EE and EGL Essentials for 4GL Developers,” at the IBM DB2 Information Management Technical Conference (Las Vegas, NV, USA).
4/2004 Lecture on “WebSphere / J2EE Implementation Made (Very) Easy,” at the Informix User Forum (Annandale, VA, USA).

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