Jean Georges Perrin (2013, IIUG)
Jean Georges Perrin (2013, IIUG)
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Jean Georges Perrin (jgp) has been working in the software industry for most of his career, occupying multiple roles: support engineer, project manager, product manager, VP of R&D, CEO… He is proud to have been the first in France to be named as an IBM Champion, and to have been awarded the honor for his eighth consecutive year. An active director on the board of the 30,000-member Informix Users Group, Jean Georges shares his 20+ years of experience in the web industry as a presenter and participant at conferences and through publishing articles in print and online media.

When he is not immersed in the web or the software industry, which he loves, he enjoys exploring his home region of Alsace or adopting state of North Carolina with his family.

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