Usual time of the year… Election for the Board of Directors of the International Informix Users Group has started. You should definitively click on “more”…

All the details can be found on the IIUG website at This year, I wanted to me a bit more innovative and…

and the more classic text:

Members have elected me for the past four years. Together, as a team, we have done a lot, the Insider, more forums, several conferences (including one in Europe), new downloads, an active press & communication program and efficient advocacy. The idea is not to rest from now on. Together, as a team, we have managed to make IBM reinvest significantly in Informix marketing.

However, the cycle is not finished, not until the students I give lectures to know more about Informix (I don’t give History classes), not until more ISVs support Informix.

Thanks for voting! Thanks for your passion!

I won’t explain you who to vote for ;-)…

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