Checking that Everything’s Fine

In order to check that everything went smoothly, we are going to check:

  • Through the DB-Access tool, that we have access to the database and that it displays expected information.
  • Install the stores demo.

Creating a new Database with DB-Access

Start a Command Prompt, with the Informix environment, as we did earlier by clicking on the “ol_scoobidoo2ifmx” icon. Run dbaccess.

Welcome to DB-Access.
Welcome to DB-Access.

Despite that the user interface is rudimentary; DB-Access is a very efficient tool. To navigate in the tool, use the cursor arrows and the enter key, or press the upper-case letter of the menu item, like “D” for “Database”.

We will now create a database in our newly created DbSpace and then drop it. Go to “Database”, “Create”, under the database name “mytestdatabase”.

Enter mytestdatabase.
Enter mytestdatabase.

Go to “Dbspace”, here you should get a list of DbSpaces.

Select the destination DbSpace.
Select the destination DbSpace.

Select dbs_scoobidoo2ifmx. “, go to “Exit”, then “Create-new-database”. After creation, you will be automatically connected to the database and you will see mytestdatabase@ol_scoobidoo2ifmx.

Database created.
Database created.

To drop it, go to “cLose”, “Drop”. Select mytestdatabase@ol_scoobidoo2ifmx. Be careful not to select any of the system database. Confirm by selecting “Yes”. We have successfully created and dropped a database in our newly created DbSpace.

Welcome to the stores demo

All Informix users know the stores demo. It is a basic database describing a shop, with tables such as customer, articles… Let’s run the installation script.

dbaccessdemo -log -dbspace dbs_scoobidoo2ifmx

Quick explanation:

  • -log says I wish to use transaction logging.
  • -dbspace dbs_scoobidoo2ifmx indicates the name of the DbSpace I want to use.

It runs for a few seconds and you will get :

Database closed.

The stores_demo database created successfully.
The demo files can be found in C:\Informix\demo\dbaccess\demo_ids


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