List of publications where I have been an author.

12/2016 Publication of “Spark in a few hours” in Programmez ! (France).
3/2016 Publication of “A Better Understanding of the Raspberry Pi Performances” in Programmez ! (France).
2/2016 Publication of “Timeline : 1985, Projet : Informix 4GL” in Programmez ! (France), coauthored with Eric Vercelletto.
4/2015 Publication of “Demystifying the Internet of Things (IoT)” for 2CRSI.
7/2013 Publication of a sci-fi essay “Bad Mood Is History: A Scenario” in The Futurist (USA), coauthored with Liz Leone.
8/2008 Publication of “Six Web 2.0 Lessons” an article summarizing the consequences on databases of Web 2.0 projects in IBM Database Magazine (CMP, Q3 2008).
8/2007 Publication of “IDS Purifies XML” an article explaining in details how to use the new XML features built in IDS Cheetah in IBM DB2 Magazine (CMP, Q3 2007) and
12/2006 Study on Informix-4GL and clones: “Development Tools in 2006: any Room for a 4GL-style Language?”, which was featured on numerous web sites and used as a reference. The study is available on
10/2006 Tutorial for IBM’s developerWorks “Push the Limits of Java UDRs in Informix Dynamic Server v10” coauthored with Hal Maner.
9/2006 Publication of “PHP and IDS: The popular Web-development language provides a powerful and easy way to access Informix data”, discusses about PHP Data Objects and IBM Informix Dynamic Server in DB2 Magazine (CMP, Q3 2006).
9/2005 Publication of “ThinStructure, a new Generation of Tools” in Software Developer’s Journal Extra, written in English and French, translated in German, Spanish, and Polish.
8/1992 Publication of “Une approche du C” (An approach to C), a 322-page book on C and C++ coauthored with Frédéric Hahn.

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